The Best Way to Share Your Photos

Screenshot of Pixieset gallery

If you bring your camera with you while traveling with friends and family, you’ve inevitably gotten the question “you’re going to share these photos with us right?” Naturally, you say yes, but one week later when you’ve finished editing, the task of actually sharing your images with your travel companions isn’t as simple as it may seem.

Going Through Your Options

For the process of sharing images, let’s go through the problems with the options you have at your disposal. If you want to deliver your photos at a decent quality, email and text won’t work. iMessage will but shared albums can often be confusing to those unfamiliar, and not everyone has an iPhone. Google Drive solves the size and quality problem, but isn’t a great experience for people trying to preview which exact photos they want to download, or if they want to add a multitude of them to their phone at the same time. So, what do you? What’s the best solution?

My Approach

For me, I’ve found the best approach for sharing photos with friends and family is by treating the photo delivery process the same for friends and family as I would a paying client. The idea behind this being I always want people viewing my photos to have the best experience possible regardless of the audience. Additionally, practice going through that process will only make my professional photo delivery more polished.

The tool I’ve found that does this job best is Pixieset. If you’re not familiar with Pixieset, it’s an online platform that allows you to build out high-res photo galleries and deliver them to as many people as you want for free.

Tweaking Your Gallery

Gallery download settings

Since Pixieset is designed for sharing client galleries, the settings and options reflect what you need as a photographer. Once you upload your photos, you can sort them into sections so that people can view the different parts of your trip with ease. You can even customize the look and feel of the gallery to match the trip you were on or the style of your images.

In terms of settings, you can tweak each gallery for privacy, image resolutions, and controlling what viewers can download. You can even set your gallery to have a download pin, ensuring that only those you want to download the photos will be able to do so. One of my favorite features is requiring people to register their email, which allows me to see what person liked or downloaded which photos.


Image grid in gallery

The end result is a photo gallery your friends and family will enjoy scrolling through. Instead of parsing through files, they’ll get to relive the memories you shared together.

When I share photos now, I no longer get questions about downloads or viewing the images, but instead just get peoples’ thoughts on the photos I’ve sent. Having used Pixieset the last two years, I’ve found it to be the solution I had been looking for both personal and professional use.

I hope this article helps you in your ventures ahead! If you want more content from me feel free to follow me on instagram or checkout my website! For weekly emails on adventure, travel and photography, subscribe to my newsletter here!

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